Monday, March 25, 2013

The materials used for making furniture

The furniture has been used since ancient times, but the only thing is that it appears in various forms, shapes, colors and patterns.

The furniture selection depends mainly on your lifestyle, taste, design and size of the rooms.
Second, depending on the location of furniture to be placed. For example, if you want for your home, office or garden.
It also depends largely on your budget.

The materials used for making furniture

As there are a variety of furniture, use a variety of techniques to make and the materials used, which are many. Go through the next segment is a basic statement of movable type materials to:


This is the most ancient and the most common material used to make furniture. Can be used for outdoor furniture and add beauty to the interior. The best thing is that solid wood furniture is strong and reliable use. Add texture, color and beauty of the handmade furniture. The two main types of coniferous and deciduous trees. Conifers are evergreen, while hardwoods. Trees that lose their leaves in winter, wood floors are known for their durability, while conifers are known for flexibility and can be easily bent. Conifers grow faster than hardwoods and are less expensive. Because trees are large, it is easier to make a long wooden table to produce a cut wm.

Types of wood

Oak: Often used to make durable and elegant furniture. Oak is divided into two types, namely, red oak and white oak. Red Oak has a pink hue, while white oak is green in it. Oak has a special character because the open pores. These pores allow the timber to absorb and retain any color. Therefore, we are able to offer a wide range of stained oak.
Mahogany wood is very choice for furniture because of its strength and durability. It is ideal for carving fine designs and structures. One of the best qualities of mahogany, is rot resistant and does not swell or shrink when in contact with water. They range from brown to red-brown. And "mostly used. Around quality furniture

Other hardwoods, which is not very common as cherry, maple, ash, walnut and beech.

Types of resin

Pino: ponderosa pine, white pine and sugar pine are often used to make furniture. Pino node provides complex fabric, heat and uniqueness of furniture. Since in various shades of yellow, each piece is made to show their individuality. It is typically used for the design of furniture for children and beach huts.
Cedar: E 'by other means, ie divided Northern White Cedar, red cedar and red cedar. It is available in different colors, so that each piece shows its individuality. Another best cedar is having a long-lasting fragrance that helps keep out insects like moths. Waterproof E 'such that it does not swell or shrink after exposure to water. It also has a soft feel thanks to its structure. It may be for kids, family rooms, cabins, etc. are used

Other types of coniferous trees are spruce, pine, Piranha, etc.


Previously, only for office chairs and plastic has been used. But considering their durability and portability, are also used for other furniture. Plastic furniture is easy to store and can be stacked in a warehouse with other things. Plastic proceed in two ways, namely, thermoplastics and thermosets divided.

Thermoplastics are greener than others can be melted down and recycled. Such furniture is dissolved molecular bonds of the chain, which makes the soft furnishings.

Thermosetting: These are also known as thermosets. They are not recyclable and therefore heating these polymers furniture furniture burns only not returned in liquid form. Play an essential role in the production of furniture. For example, phenols thermosetting adhesives are used as furniture.


Metals are the highest melting point and density. The metals may be in various forms, without rotation. Also be converted to child. Types of materials used to manufacture metal furniture, from steel, aluminum, wrought iron. Properties of metal furniture are:

Survive for long without much care.
No rust.
They offer a traditional and classic.
Metal furniture works great. They come in different shapes and sizes, sitting, bending, etc. conveniently offer.
The chairs also have ventilation holes.

This was all about the types of loose materials. You can use the above information when choosing your furniture, and I hope you will be able to exactly what you want or what is a good decision.